Hello. I'm Sergey Smirnov.

I'm currently a freshman at New York University's Polytechnic School of Engineering, studying computer science. I am a native of Palo Alto, California and a grad from Palo Alto High School and Foothill Middle College. I now reside in Brooklyn, NY, which is one of the coolest places ever. I enjoy music, photography, movies, and technology. You can probably find me jamming to something on my iPhone or just scrolling through the Internets. (Yes, I used that part ironically.) You can also probably find me here:

Also, my photography can be found here.

If you enjoy some lame sass, you'll probably enjoy what I do on the Internet above.

Also, I don't have a resume quite yet. It's still in the making. If you need to know about my experiences, a better shot is to take a look at the work I do, which is shown in the links above. This part will be updated once I have a presentable resume to show.

— Sergey